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Arburg's first injection moulding machine Allrounder 270 S offers new options extend range of applications

  • Publicado el 06 de Octubre de 2020

The hydraulic Allrounder 270 S compact is Arburg's first injection moulding machine that can be configured online via the arburgXworld customer portal and ordered directly with short delivery times. The compact machine now offers even more modular configuration options and functionality that significantly expand the range of applications.

Arburg's first injection moulding machine Allrounder 270 S offers new options extend range of applications

Compared to standard hydraulic machines, purchasing an Allrounder 270 S compact means around 25 percent lower investment costs. With its footprint reduced by around 20 percent, the compact machine is particularly suitable for customers whose production space is limited or who are planning to replace small machines.

The Allrounder 270 S compact with 350 kN of clamping force and a size 100 injection unit is now also available with a parting line unit. By repositioning the injection unit, it can also be used to vertically inject in the mould parting line, enabling a wider range of moulds and processes. In order to be able to work with a wider range of materials, highly wear-resistant chrome nitride-coated cylinder modules are optionally available. For automated applications, the Allrounder 270 S compact can also be equipped with an Integralpicker V. Machines in the field can be retrofitted with a robot interface if required.

The compact machine stands out for its minimal footprint, a control cabinet integrated into the machine base and energy-saving servo hydraulics (ASH). The Selogica control system with its wide range of functions ensures reliable quality even for demanding cycles. The hole patterns in the mounting platens take into account all standard requirements for mould technology in this size class, optionally for Europe or the USA. To comply with current safety standards, the socket combinations of the machine are equipped with RCD protection as standard.

The hydraulic Allrounder 270 S compact is directly available online. In order to join the digital Arburg world, customers must initially register free of charge on the customer portal (www.arburgXworld.com) and then activate the Configuration app. With this tool, standardised machines can be individually configured by adding defined options and then ordered at fixed conditions – simple, safe and menu-driven.

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