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Complex machines made easy – overview of the Gestica control system

  • Publicado el 12 de Octubre de 2021

After the summer break, about 500 viewers tuned in to another very exciting edition of “arburgXvision” live: “Complex machines made easy – overview of the Gestica control system!” was the topic of the interactive Internet TV broadcast on 30 September 2021. Arburg experts Jürgen Peters, Head of Software Development, and Miriam Lauble, Technical Sales Manager, gave an overview of innovative features of the “Made by Arburg” control system. Viewers received interesting and valuable practical tips during live links to the Arburg Customer Center.

Complex machines made easy – overview of the Gestica control system

The eighth Arburg show this year was all about the Gestica control system and how it can be used to easily get to grips with even complex machines and processes. “Intelligent assistants are the future of mechanical engineering”, according to Miriam Lauble, explaining one of the reasons why Arburg develops and manufactures its own control systems, including software and printed circuit boards. Only by adopting this method can Arburg quickly and easily adapt every detail to process requirements and customer requirements. “Our focus has always been on a high level of functionality, optimal ease of use and efficiency”, Miriam Lauble emphasised. Swiping gestures, for example, could save up to 100,000 clicks a year. She also discussed the advantages of the plausibility check and “intelligent” assistance functions such as the “aXw Control FillAssist”. As an example, she said that the filling simulation directly on the control system can reduce setup times by more than 40 per cent.

“Standing still means going backwards, that’s why we’re constantly developing”, Jürgen Peters said, explaining the motivation behind developments and providing a comprehensive overview of the innovative features that make the Gestica “intelligent”. He also explained the benefits of hardware and technology in terms of IT security and data analytics. Something many people did not know is that the Gestica’s computer architecture is divided into an operating unit and a control system. The operating unit is used for programming, visualisation and analysis – without influencing the running processes. Separately from this, the control system software precisely controls and regulates the machine directly. “This physical separation ensures cyclically reproducible operation and protects the machine from IT attacks. This is unique in the industry”, Jürgen Peters emphasised. Finally, he discussed new features of the Gestica, such as the “aXw Control Cycle Assist” and “aXw Control EnergyAssist” for optimising cycle times and energy consumption. Future topics that Arburg is working on include “machine learning” and the automatic programming of robotic systems using artificial intelligence.

Two live links into the Lossburg Customer Center showed viewers the different support and benefits that the Gestica user interface can bring to everyday injection moulding. First, Arburg process engineer Felix Beuter explained how assistance functions such as the “aXw Control FillAssist” and “aXw Control MeltAssist” can save valuable working time in everyday production. In the second part, Jochen Hirt, Team Manager for International Technical Support, presented the intuitive navigation of the Gestica user interface. Among other things, he demonstrated how short cycle times can be programmed. The two practical experts also answered lots of questions that viewers asked live in the chat during the broadcast.

Together with presenter Guido Marschall, the experts discussed key findings regarding the Gestica control system. “For us, Gestica is the central seal of quality for high-tech machines that take injection moulding to a new level”, said Jürgen Peters by way of summing up. “The fact that we handle everything in-house, from the development to the production of the control system, makes us unique as a machine manufacturer”. Miriam Lauble added: “I see Gestica as already having arrived at autonomous driving. This means we are at the beginning of a new era in machine construction.” This also includes the possibility of avoiding malfunctions or downtimes thanks to predictive maintenance. Finally, Jürgen Peters took a look into the future: “The evaluation of a large quantity of data directly in the Gestica operating unit will offer further added value. We are working on ensuring that the machine continuously learns, keeps itself stable and can even optimise itself in the future.”

“Mould strategy 2.0 – new ideas for reducing costs!” is the topic of the ninth arburgXvision broadcast. Arburg experts Christoph Blöchle, Technical Sales Manager, and Christian Homp, Team Manager Application Engineering, provide tips on how to increase machine utilisation by strategically combining mould protection, preparation and monitoring. Two live links into Lossburg will demonstrate modern mould monitoring and wear prevention.

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