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Ritrama’s PE smart matt: the trendy matt effect

  • Publicado el 03 de Enero de 2020

Ritrama's latest addition is the PE SMART MATT, a brand new matt effect polyethylene film designed specifically for the creation of high-impact labels for the food, beverage and personal care sectors. PE SMART MATT was born to offer a matt film effect more conformable than the traditional high-density polyethylene films on the market. Hence, the name SMART MATT.

A real revolution in the field of labels for food, drink and cosmetics, mainly characterised by a demand for products of the highest level, necessary to obtain extremely rich and decorative labels, vibrant colours and excellent technical performance. The matt finish of PE SMART MATT is perfectly in line with the latest trends dictated by the world of packaging, which offer the market bottles and containers characterised by matt and soft-touch effects, reminiscent of the concepts of environmental sustainability and minimalism using pastel shades and colours.

Tested to obtain excellent results with the most common printing techniques and types of inks, the PE SMART MATT guarantees excellent results in terms of sharpness and uniformity. The Top Coating also allows overprinting for barcode creation. The polyethylene face material, 85µ thick, guarantees very high conformability, an essential characteristic for labelling shaped and squeezable containers, typical of the cosmetics and personal care sectors, which are frequently squeezed. The acrylic adhesive with high transparency and cohesion is ISEGA approved, therefore suitable for direct contact with dry and wet but not greasy food.

Ritrama’s PE smart matt: the trendy matt effect

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