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SACMI offer a webinar to lightweight challenge in cap-preform production

  • Publicado el 14 de Diciembre de 2020

15 December, a global event translated into 7 languages. Live from the SACMI parent company, this webinar will showcase the latest ready-to-market developments for the industry, from technology to new cap design solutions. Key advantages include integrated design of cap-preform systems to optimise performance and cost.

SACMI offer a webinar to lightweight challenge in cap-preform production

Following an initial event in June 2020 on complete solutions for tethered capsules, SACMI is now preparing a new live worldwide event: on 15 December, we'll be illustrating all the latest on the lightweighting front, that is, weight reduction in cap and preform production.

Global production exceeds 400 million tons, 98% comes from fossil sources and a third ends up in landfills or, worse, in the environment: these figures refer to plastic, a material essential to our way of life that needs to be re-thought from the perspective of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

One of the most effective approaches - especially in the closures field, for safety and performance reasons - lightweighting has been the focus of investment by the world's leading technology providers for at least 20 years. Now, SACMI aims to take another major step forward with profitable, ready-to-market solutions.

Beginning with the numerous technical-technological challenges of lightweighting and the unique production and control systems designed to overcome them, SACMI will go on to illustrate integrated cap-preform design solutions that maximize performance by merging lightweighting with high productivity.

The webinar will present some of the more recently developed solutions available on the market, starting with the new 26 mm capsule-neck systems in which SACMI, together with major brand owners and certification bodies, leads the world.

The event ends with a walk-through of the SACMI workshop, taking in everything from the IPS preform injection press - which incorporates solutions that further reduce weight to enhance performance and design - to the CCM press, the world's leading compression technology cap manufacturing solution, which now features innovative key production parameter control systems and lower consumption.

The event will be streamed live starting at 9 a.m. (and simultaneously translated into 7 languages) and again at 3 p.m. for the convenience of SACMI's international customers around the globe. To take part please register on the lightweight-solutions.sacmi.com platform.

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