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Mitsubishi will show a fully recyclable barrier papers for food packaging


At Interpack 2020, the German manufacturer of coated speciality papers Mitsubishi HiTec Paper will present its barricote® portfolio of particularly sustainable barrier papers for food packaging. All barricote products are paper-based and fully recyclable. Water-based coatings enable combined multi-barriers against water vapour, grease/oil, oxygen/aroma and mineral oil migration (MOSH / MOAH).

Barricote barrier papers rely on a high percentage of biodegradable ingredients. At the same time, they are 100% free of plastic films, aluminium and fluorocarbons. This protects foods, consumers and the environment. Sustainable and safe.

Mitsubishi will show a fully recyclable barrier papers for food packaging

All barricote barrier papers combine these general features: Paper product made of fresh fibres. Water-based coatings for combinable barriers against water vapour, fat / oil, oxygen / aroma and mineral oil migration (MOSH/MOAH). 100% free of plastic films, aluminium, extruded polymers, varnishes or laminates, fluorocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and optical brighteners. High content of biodegradable ingredients. Fully recyclable. Reverse side offset and flexo printable. Certified: direct food contact (BfR XXXVI), hygiene (INREKA, DIN EN 15593), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, FSC® Mix or PEFC™ on request. Applications: Food and non-food packaging, e.g.

Wrapping papers - for dry, moist and greasy food such as burger, bread, sausages or cheese. Due to the barriers and the very good freshness effect the food stays in shape and fresh, everything well protected (barricote WRAP)

Liner papers - for packaging made from recycled or corrugated cardboard. For dry and greasy food such as pasta, oat flakes, cereals or coffee. The special barrier function is maintained during all further processing steps such as printing, folding, creasing, etc. (barricote LINER)

Heat-sealed bags - with excellent heat-sealability for packaging of dry, moist and greasy food and non-food products. The intelligent alternative to film packaging made of PE, PP or BOPP film (barricote BAG)

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