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CCL Label created a sustainable TD sleeve material


CCL Label created a sustainable TD sleeve material enabling the packaging industry in meeting their recycling targets. This EcoFloatTM material complies with all CCL conformity standards and has been engineered to improve the sink/float separation process relating to PET bottles. With high performing 360° sleeves CCL offers design freedom and strong visual impact at the Point of Sale.

Utilizing the established expertise in the field of film manufacturing, CCL has developed a solution to support customers’ sustainability targets with maximum cost-efficiency. “Meeting the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) standards in the US and the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) standards in Europe is becoming increasingly important,” Mr. Fenkart (Head of R&D) added. “EcoFloatTM was designed to meet economic and environmental sustainability goals while enhancing the look & feel of the product.”

Technical Features: - Clear polyolefin film material - Material floats with ink - Design Freedom with shrinkage up to >60% - Softer touch, for squeeze-bottle applications - Certification by recycling APR/EPBP in process (Q1 2020) - Supports PET bottle-to-bottle recycling process Sustainability is about more than just conservation; it also means being responsible corporate citizens while producing quality products. A key part of this process is working internally with employees and externally with partners to create more efficient and environmentally friendly options.

CCL Label created a sustainable TD sleeve material

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