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Avery Dennison shortlisted for global environmental and sustainability award 2019


Global materials science and manufacturing company Avery Dennison has been shortlisted for the Environmental and Sustainability Award of the Label Industry Global Awards 2019. One of three finalists, Avery Dennison is the first pressure sensitive label material supplier to introduce liner made from recycled PET, available commercially in Europe. The liner, which uses 30% PET post-consumer waste, meets technical qualifications while maintaining quality and performance for label design, printing, and application.

Avery Dennison shortlisted for global environmental and sustainability award 2019Life cycle analysis of the recycled PET liner shows that use of one million square meters of Avery Dennison recycled PET23 liner in place of virgin PET23 liner reduces: Use of fossil fuel by 30% — or the equivalent of saving 60 barrels of oil. Energy use by 23% — or the equivalent of saving energy of 17 households per year. Water use by 20% — or the equivalent of saving drinking water for 123 people per year.

“Avery Dennison’s rPET liner is a great example of how innovative thinking and collaboration across the label and packaging value chain are resulting in new ways to replace virgin resources with recycled alternatives. This is in line with our 2025 Sustainability Goals, where we want to introduce more products that contain recycled content and/or enable recycling of end use packaging,” said Jeroen Diderich, vice president and general manager Label and Graphic Materials EMEA.

Since the product was introduced in late 2018, adoption of the rPET liner continues to accelerate with additional ClearIntent products launched since then, including the CleanFlake portfolio and ClearCut adhesive. “Conversion and application speeds are helping to drive an ongoing rise in demand for PET liners. We have been careful to retain those benefits, while also supporting converters and end users as they make the transition from glassine,” said Rob Groen in ‘t Wout, senior marketing manager, films.

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