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Herma makes even special label materials removable


Introducing the new removable, UV acrylic-based adhesive HERMA 42X, HERMA offers a valuable addition to printers and label users: thanks to small minimum coating quantities starting at 1,000 square metres, even special label materials can be efficiently made removable. Usually, minimum coating quantities in this industry start at 7,500 square metres. Sampling is therefore possible at short notice, even for partially adhesive-lined labels.

This allows for the easy implementation of e.g. flap labels. Customers therefore have a high degree of flexibility in choosing label materials, allowing them to quickly test under practical conditions if a specific combination of adhesive and label material is suitable for the desired application. On principle, the 42X ensures good adhesion and removability on a wide range of substrates.

Herma makes even special label materials removable

In the new 42X, HERMA has completely eliminated the problem of “ghosting”, i.e. the non-tacky, but milky and distinctive adhesive film that can be left behind by other removable adhesives on some surfaces. This is a considerable advantage especially in the production of glass windows, but also for other surfaces such as coated cardboard. At the same time, the 42X offers excellent resistance against water, detergent, and oil, and exhibits no increased adhesion over time – removability therefore remains unchanged in the long run.

“With this new development, we offer printers and label users more freedom in their choice of self-adhesive materials without forcing them to compromise on removability”, explains HERMA Product Manager Hendrik Kehl. “The 42X allows them to make even small label runs removable – in keeping with the goal of maximum flexibility.”

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