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Avery Dennison introduces two new UHF RFID inlay products


Avery Dennison has expanded its portfolio of ultrahigh frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) inlay label products targeting the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. RFID has proven benefits in industries like apparel, food and beauty and successfully expanded to other segments like pharmaceuticals. RFID-enabled solutions can be used to streamline asset tracking, eliminate loss on inventory, improve accuracy in supply management, enhance patient experiences, and drive better outcomes, all while fighting pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting.

The first new product, AD-810r6, exhibits excellent performance on glass and plastic materials and has an 18mm diameter footprint. This makes it ideal for tagging glass vials and other small to medium-sized medical packages, including select beauty applications, such as cosmetics or perfume. This globally tuned inlay can achieve up to a 1,7 meter read distance when applied to liquid-filled glass or plastic bottles.

Avery Dennison introduces two new UHF RFID inlay products

The AD-810r6 inlay is equipped with the Impinj Monza® R6 integrated circuit and a tag chip that provides 96-bit EPC memory and features AutoTune™ RF tuning. The 16mm, round antenna is cleanly cut onto an opaque white PET carrier. For applications requiring a smaller form factor recommended for reading tagged items in near-field, Avery Dennison is pleased to introduce its AD-850m4QT product. Its antenna size measures just 10.3mm in diameter –– the smallest offered in Avery Dennison’s Gen2 RAIN compliant UHF inlay portfolio.

The AD-850m4QT’s simple, circular loop design features the Impinj Monza® 4QT integrated circuit and can achieve up to a 1-meter read distance in FCC (920-928 MHz) when applied to liquid filled vials made of plastic or glass. In addition, the Impinj Monza® 4QT chip enables users to maintain a public and private data profile for confidential data storage and consumer privacy, coupled with a large, 512-bit user memory. Avery Dennison is offering the new inlays for purchase in two formats, including Dry Inlay and Wet Inlay with optimal delivery lead times.

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