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Sacmi, complete new filling line for Emirates Natural Drinking Water


From blow moulding to palletization, with all the advantages of Sacmi SBF technology (dual cavity, double the output rate). Thanks to these characteristics, the supplied solution will allow the customer to boost production and quality while containing consumption. A pioneer since 1979 and now a leading bottled water provider in the Gulf area, Emirates Natural Drinking Water has selected Sacmi to complete a recent investment decision aimed at expanding production further while maintaining a sharp focus on flexibility and quality.

Sacmi is supplying a complete filling line to replace the existing plant. The goal is to raise output capacity from the current 15,000 cases of water a day to 23,000. The new Sacmi line has been designed to produce small-medium formats (500 ml or smaller) at output rates of 34,000 bottles/hour (500 ml format).

This complete, integrated plant executes blow moulding of preforms - performed using Sacmi SBF technology - before carrying out filling, labelling and palletization. More specifically, the labelling stage is managed using Sacmi roll-fed technology, the best solution on the market for combining high productivity, efficiency and process quality. A key role in boosting overall plant efficiency is played by Sacmi SBF (dual cavity, double the output rate) which shows all its potential when used with small formats as it can de-mould either one bottle or two from the same mould at the same time.

Sacmi, complete new filling line for Emirates Natural Drinking Water

The company has been a supplier to US Armed Forces bases in the UAE for several years and aims, thanks to this jump in quality, to increase both output and profit margins. Sales are forecast to rise by about 45%, and the prospects look good for both further growth in the UAE (as the company taps into new areas of consumer demand) and for enhanced sales penetration in other Gulf areas.

The positive impact on the plant efficiency rating – in terms of increased productivity, quality and the parallel containment of energy consumption – was strategic to the decision to go for the technology provided by Sacmi. Moreover, the latter operates locally through Sacmi Middle East, a spare parts and aftermarket assistance hub for the entire Gulf region.

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