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HERMA extends its seawater-resistant product range


HERMA is offering new options to make label printing seawater-resistant in accordance with the strict British Standard BS5609 Section 3. Following extensive tests, the self-adhesive materials expert has received the approval for specific flexo printing inks and a commercially available thermal transfer printer. In both cases, this applies to the label materials HERMA PP white extra topcoat (grade 880) and HERMA PE white (grade 850). For printers and label users, this means better safety right from the start and less effort, since they no longer need to apply for their own certifications. Recently, HERMA had introduced materials that allow certain inkjet inks and laser toners to fulfill the requirements of BS5609 Section 3.

The colours that have now been approved for flexo printing are selected flexo inks from Siegwerk, a leading international manufacturer of printing inks. The approved colours are yellow and red, which are required for the signal colour orange in particular. Both HERMA materials mentioned above are also seawater-resistant for subsequent thermal transfer printing, e.g. with variable data, provided that a Zebra 110 xi4 label printer is used. The approval according to BS5609 Section 3 was granted for this device and several types of thermal transfer ribbons.

HERMA PP white extra tc is a glossy film offering excellent imprinting quality with all traditional printing methods. In order to fulfill the requirements for seawater resistance, it has been equipped with the multi-layer adhesive 62Xpc which also ensures excellent die-cutting attributes. HERMA PE white, likewise a glossy white film which has also received corona pretreatment, has been approved according to BS5609 Section 3 in combination with the UV acrylate adhesive 62B. The latter features above-average adhesive qualities, e.g. extremely good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces.

Beyond these materials fulfilling the requirements of BS5609 Section 3, HERMA also provides a wide range of materials ensuring compliance with Section 2. Such labels ensure that they will not come off a container or barrel even if they are submerged in seawater for a long period of time.

HERMA extends its seawater-resistant product range

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